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Imagine a natural theater overlooking the sea ... Sunrises and sunsets that chase hot summer days and warm winters Winds and rains that caress steep slopes The courage and strength of the people of Liguria

Wine and Viticulture in Liguria a story of heroes and epic flavors

In his Ossi di Cuttlefish Eugenio Montale has succeeded between sounds and words to evoke the essence of a strip of land between sky and sea, generous with those who know how to find the time to contemplate and cultivate it …

Of the ancient labors of generations of sailors and farmers who worked over the centuries to tame its seas and land, some clearly visible traces of great symbolic impact remain: terracing and agricultural crops. A masterpiece of ingenuity and tenacity that today allows the production of quality wines, torn from nature thanks to the love and commitment of the heirs of those ancient generations.

The brackish wind, the warmth of the sun and a benevolent land are the cradle where native vines thrive in the hands of small or micro producers (just under 1,800 of these are present on the market) who cultivate just 1,500 hectares, mostly mountainous. Among these, 800 are with Denomination of Origin, producing some of the most prestigious wines.

8 DOC: Ormeasco di Pornassio, Rossese di Dolceacqua, Western Ligurian Riviera, Val Polcevera, Gulf of Tigullio-Portofino, Levanto Hills, Cinque Terre, Colli di Luni

4 Geographical Indications: Eastern Liguria, Genoese Hills, Savona Hills, Terraces of the Imperia

If the most famous vines of Vermentino, Pigato and Moscato have great diffusion, all the others are to be discovered: Albarola, Bosco, Lumassina, Rossese, Ormeasco, Ciliegiolo.

In addition to these “traditional” vines are added those resulting from the enhancement of the Ligurian autochthonous varietal heritage by the regional agriculture department that has allowed a capillary recovery throughout the territory of numerous minor native varieties of white and red grapes of particular enological value including Ruzzese, Moscatello di Taggia, Barbarossa, Massaretta, Bruciapagliaio, Picabon, Fratepelato, black Vermentino.

A useful source of information on the vines of Liguria is the guide “The varieties of Ligurian vines – Ampelographic cards” created by the Liguria Region in collaboration with the Regional Center for Applied Agrometeorology of Sarzana.